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Controls increase for the Chinese fleet in Peruvian waters

Foreign fishing vessels must now have a satellite monitoring equipment approved by the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) to enter Peruvian ports, in accordance with the provisions of Supreme Decree No. 016-2020-PRODUCE published this Thursday.

The norm establishes that for the arrival of foreign-flagged fishing vessels to national ports, they must comply with a series of conditions, including having the PRODUCE Satellite Tracking System (SISESAT) operational and transmitting to its control center, its satellite positioning of the last six months prior to your income report.

This applies to foreign-flagged fishing vessels that carry out straddling or transboundary hydrobiological resource fishing activities on the high seas.

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI) had indicated that these devices should be implemented by foreign fishing boats, which are 100% of Chinese nationality.

The president of said committee, Alfonso Miranda, who is also president of CALAMASUR, indicated that this rule will allow the country to effectively combat illegal fishing of marine resources, especially the flying giant squid which, after the anchovy, is the second most important , within 200 nautical miles.

He argued that illegal fishing has harmed the entire production chain of the squid, from the artisanal fisherman to the processing plants, while due to the illegal fishing of squid, Peru would have lost in foreign currency about US $ 85 million per year or US $ 425 million in the last five years.

"Peru now has a measure to combat illegal fishing that puts us at the forefront in the control and monitoring of fleets and in line with the recommendations of the world's regional fisheries management bodies," he said.

Among other conditions, it is established that the flag State of the fishing vessel must be a member or mandatory participant of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations and the fishing vessel must be authorized to operate within the scope of said regional bodies. The vessel must not appear on a definitive or final list of vessels that have engaged in illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing activities of Regional Fisheries Management Organizations.

It adds that in the case of foreign-flagged fishing vessels that carry out fishing activities for highly migratory hydrobiological resources, they must send PRODUCE a report and diagram of the satellite positioning (track) from their last departure to their entry report, including complementary information translated into Spanish. , if applicable.

In addition, they must issue the signal of the Aquatic Traffic Identification and Monitoring System - SIMTRAC, of ​​the National Maritime Authority, and transmit to their control center, their satellite positioning of the last six months prior to their entry report.


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