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Committee for the sustainable management of the giant squid of the South Pacific created

Working group is made up of business and scientific representatives from Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

Fishing industries from Peru, Ecuador and Chile agreed to create the Committee for the Sustainable Management of the South Pacific Giant Squid (Calamasur), a working group attached to the Regional Organization for Fisheries Management of the South Pacific (RFMO-PS).

The head of this group will be Peruvian Alfonso Miranda Eyzaguirre, who also chairs the Fisheries and Aquaculture Committee of the National Society of Industries (SNI).

The Calamasur is made up of artisanal fishermen, scholars and fishing industrialists from Peru, Chile and Ecuador, and advocates the design and implementation of a fishing, biological and environmental monitoring program for the giant squid.

Also to develop a stock assessment model applicable to the entire distribution area of ​​the giant squid (dosidicus gigas) in the South Pacific.

Concern about decline of giant squid

Miranda Eyzaguirre expressed concern about the notable decrease in the availability of the resource in the waters of Peru and Chile.

"Let us remember that it is the main resource that supports artisanal fishing in Peru and the basis for the national freezing industry, we cannot neglect its conservation," he indicated.

Likewise, he said that there is insufficient knowledge of the biological, fishing and ecological characteristics of the giant squid.

"There is an absence of regulation that ensures the sustainability of the giant squid in international waters of the South Pacific," he said.

It also demanded greater control of the fishing actors in international waters and of the operation of foreign flag fishing vessels in jurisdictional waters, which carry out illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing.

The declaration of conformation of this committee has been delivered to the president of the RFMO - PS, Osvaldo Urrutia who will lead the 6th Meeting of the Commission between January 30 and February 3, whose sessions will be held at the JW Marriott Hotel from Lima.


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